Direct-call video door phone(security product)PSL-VX110 Direct Call Video Door Phone

PSL-VX110 main functions: (1)One door station can support thirty two indoor phones at most. Different door station panels optional. (2)With infrared LED inside,which can help you esaily identify visitor at night time. (3)Network application optional...


Security ProductPSL-SC101 Security Calling Camera

PSL-SC101 will call 6 designated numbers (phone, mobile, pager) automatically as soon as it detects an intrusion or the early stages of fire, and inform the receiver of what is being detected by way of 2 different recorded messages(...


Finger print doorlock

PSL-DL102 Finger Print Door Lock

Product Features Fast identification The best durability & quality Attractive & new-fashioned design Simple one touch operation Unauthorized opening alarm Easy and quick registration/deletion Sliding dust cover Group registration available The maximum



PSL-VX210 Home Auto Watch

1.Monitoring 2.Conversation 3.Voice and Image Recording 4.Security Function 5.Suveillance Function 6.High Resolution TFT-LCD color screen(5.6") 7.Automatic door open Product Info 1.Monitoring - Visitor identification via the camera installed at...


   Security Door (RTM-D808)

PSL-SD101 Security Door

Product size: 1970 x 860mm 1970 x 900mm 2050 x 950mm Direction of opening: left and  right The material is up to nation standard, the thickness of door frame is 2mm, the thickness of door surface is 1mm Other specifications available



GSM Car Alarm,Home Alarm,Wireless Camera,Personal AlarmPSL-VXGSM Car Alarm

GSM CAR ALARM. 1.Brief introduction: Our GSM car alarm system is an intelligent car security product, it uses GSM mobile communication networks to transmit alarm signals and control instructions. It always enable you to keep in touch...


IR CCD camera


This is an Infra Red Security Camera. Our products encompass CCD cameras, All-In-One cameras, day/night cameras, dome...


Mobile DigitroPSL-DL120 Digital Security Door Lock
Did you forget to lock your door?You can check if the door is locked or unlocked and take care of it with your cell phone. Security alarm "Beep beep! A security problem occurred." If someone attempts to open the door by force, the warning message

Wire and Wireless Tapping, Hidden Camera Detector

PSL-SCHCD - Hidden Camera Detector

Detecting function of laser tapping 7. Detecting function of vehicle position tracer * Security Consulting 1.Security maintenance within companies/corporations 2.Essential when meeting or traveling on business 3.Privacy protection of...